Mizzou Made

Mizzou pride has burned bright for more than a century. And although we’ve faced challenges, some things remain unchanged. Our optimism. Our resilience. Our progress.

Although we’re constantly evolving, it’s what we’ve stood for that continues to make us one of the most successful universities in the country. Sure, we’re one of only 34 public U.S. universities invited to the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU); and we’re home to the nation’s most powerful university nuclear research reactor as well as an academic medical center responsible for some of the world’s biggest breakthroughs. But one walk through the quad and we’re reminded of one of the most important things of all — a strong foundation.

This is OUR Mizzou. And together, we will continue to prove that our spirit is something that, quite simply, can’t be extinguished. That’s Tiger Pride. That’s Mizzou Made.