Survey team

Professor Susan Rankin, Principal, Rankin & Associates Consulting

Rankin is a faculty member in education policy studies and college student affairs at Pennsylvania State University and a senior research associate at the Center for the Study of Higher Education. She has extensive experience in institutional climate assessment and institutional climate transformation based on data-driven action and strategic planning. Rankin has conducted multi-location institutional climate studies at other university systems across the country.

Emil Cunningham, Senior Research Associate, Rankin & Associates Consulting

Emil L. Cunningham has worked in higher education since 2004, most recently overseeing research initiatives and projects in the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at The Pennsylvania State University. Cunningham also received his Ph.D. in higher education from Penn State. His research focuses on sense of belonging, institutionally designated safe space and the lived experiences of students of color.

Campus Climate Steering Committee

Shelby Anderson
Noor Azizan-Gardner
Joshua Bolton
Kathryn Chval
Angela Dahman
Sean Earl
Ellen Eardley
Mardy Eimers
Marlo Goldstein-Hode
Ashli Grabau
Laura Hacquard
Berkley Hudson
Christa Keers
Stephanie Kubas
David Mitchell
Pat Okker
Becky Stafford
Niki Stanley
Ben Trachtenberg
Tara Warne-Griggs
Tiffanesha Williams
Donell Young