Update your department listing

Each university department and office has an editor who is responsible for maintaining directory information in the Online Department Directory application. This Web application feeds the Find a Department search. Offices that do not participate in the Online Department Directory will not be searchable.

Editors are frequently administrative assistants or office support staff. It is helpful for the designated editor to be familiar with — or even involved with — personnel paperwork so that updating the department listings occurs at the same time as staff changes.

To become an editor or to transfer your editorship to someone else

Email your request to directory@missouri.edu and copy your supervisor and any existing editors for the department. Along with affected department listing(s), please include your campus address and telephone number.

Got questions?

Email directory@missouri.edu or call the Help Desk at (573) 882-5000 for assistance.

Update your directory information

Is your personal information listed incorrectly? Or, do you want to remove it from the directory? Find out how to change/remove it.